The Emperor’s New Cinema

14 06 2009

So I saw both Serbis and Independencia at Shang, put up with the meandering lines for tickets last Friday. Specifically, I was there to see what Serbis’s deal was since I–like most everyone else–took the whole “the Cannes dudes last year thought it was crap” notion like a personal dare.

The verdict? I don’t see what the whole deal was. And I don’t mean this in the “all this crappiness is justified ’cause it’s, like, you know, art” sense. I didn’t think it was offensive or unwatchable, but I didn’t think it was arthouse awesome, either. I just didn’t think much of it. It seemed so unremarkable to me. All this talk about how it had such bad sound quality, about how it had so many gratuitous shows of sex and squalor, about how that popping-the-boil-in-the-bottle scene was The Grossest and Most Useless Scene Evar, etcetera etcetera etcetera–none of that occurred to me.

Yes, I saw social commentary. I can sense what the film was trying to get at. I suppose it was able to communicate enough. But to associate it with such degrees of controversy seems to be the only truly excessive aspect of this entire brouhaha. I know I might be reacting this way because I’ve gotten so immune to crappy or supposedly offensive movies, but the fact remains that I am not a professional film critic, and my life is not (or at least, no longer) trying to link itself intimately with the film industry. Shouldn’t these Cannes dudes, being exposed to far, far more than I can ever have the privilege to see, be more used to, uh, awkward filmmaking?

All I know is, whether I’m just jaded or whiny, or these Cannes dudes really are being wusses, methinks Kinatay won’t be as horrid an experience as the press is making it out to be. It’ll probably be more jarring than Serbis, but judging by the latter, it won’t be all-out awful, either.

As for Independencia, I was able, on a whim with D and Banana Man, to line up for the 9:30 PM second screening which, apparently, came about because the whole shitload of people who lined up for four hours for the original 8 PM screening couldn’t get in (I don’t know the exact details because I was too busy then eating pizza and not thinking shit I have to see that new Raya Martin Cannes film or how will I ever relate this week to my Mogwai friends), but I fell asleep about halfway through. Visually, the film was really cool, but what the visuals were trying to relate didn’t seem like much. Not enough to hold my attention for two hours straight, anyway. That, or maybe I had just tired myself out standing in line for most of the day, all in response to a self-imposed dare. I can be so impressionable.




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26 08 2009
And the Hacking Scene was Awesome « H u s t l e R o s e P r o s e

[…] way, the basic structure was a) I had very low expectations of the film, ‘low’ meaning I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be as mortified as those Cannes people were and that, instead, I would find the […]

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