A More Politically-Incorrect Blog Entry than Usual (Ata)

20 06 2009

But before I—inevitably yet not exactly intentionally—go off and offend particular demographics in this entry, I would just like to plug that my short story “Frozen Delight” is out in the latest issue of Playboy Philippines.*


D believes that any pretty morena girl looks like a pretty domestic helper or, in his own, more accurate wording, “magandang katulong.” This, to him, is not a negative insight in any way. I am morena, and I am D’s exclusive bitch/shawty/skank-ho/labidoods. My brown-skinned ilk is his preference. But yes, he insists that most pretty, pure-bred Pinays possess one and the same base facial feature—that of the household help—only with particular improvements.

I really, really, really (really! seriously! if you seriously cannot take my insights with a grain of salt, then I give you all the leeway in the world to think I am a dumbass or, at least, don’t know any better) don’t want to offend anyone here, but what he said kind of makes sense on one end. The bulk of men who consider me attractive are either perverts, or blue-collar folk such as carpenters and garbage collectors, or a very, very worrisome combination of both. And I had already come to convince myself that there was a certain “accessibility” to the way I look, but it is only now, through D’s quite offhand declaration, that my suspicions have been so deftly, yet crudely, concretized.

Still, being that I am the owner of my face and, thus, have gotten so used to it to the point of not noticing anything that it imparts anymore to society in general, I would really like to know what other people think. I implore you, then, kind sirs and madams, to consider my humble query:

*It is not erotica. I do not write erotica. I am not against erotica, but I do not believe that I have, well, the proclivity to romanticize the sexual act. I do have a story out in last year’s FHM erotica anthology, but that piece is really slathered all over with the ooey-gooey white truth that I, when tasked to write anything remotely related to intercourse, have the eloquence of an adolescent male. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, but I digress from this digression.




2 responses

24 06 2009
karl r. de mesa

um, long-haired margie and short-haired margie are like two different girls, man : D

24 06 2009

the first was an anorexic maid, apparently. :p

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