13 07 2009

This is my last week working as a Webcontent Editor. My 7th job since graduating in ’07, if you consider Freelance Writer as just one soggy, multi-hued and -odored clump of a job, and if you consider freelance jobs in general as jobs in the first place. In another respect, then, this is actually just my 3rd job, the term “job” limited to the coming in at regularized intervals to a space managed by what is legally known as a company.

I would like to think that my employed life thus far has been varied and eventful enough. Below is a list of the 7 jobs (I’m sticking with the former description; everything’s fucking freelance now anyhow) I have undergone or am still undergoing and for which I have been paid just enough to make malls decidedly welcoming structures:

1) Junior Copywriter for a graphic design company

2) English Tutor for university athletes (still am)

3) Freelance Writer for magazines, educational supplements, pamphlets, your butt, etc. (still am)

4) Scriptwriter/Creative Assistant/Slave/Yes-Man/Really I Had No Idea What I Was Doing for a fledgling independent film outfit helmed by a wealthy, enthusiastic, but really fucking clueless Chinoy entrepeneur

5) Associate Editor for a brand-new alternative-urban lifestyle (hipster, hipster! hipster!!!) magazine

6) Segment Producer for a brand-new men’s comedy-talk show on a fledgling, male-centric cable network, a show which had been forced to fold despite its genius, transgressive potential (shout out to mah homies!)

7) Editor and Sometime Writer for a mostly SEO-ridden webcontent company (still am for the next 5 days, yeehaw)

I’m sure I missed mentioning an odd job or two, but that’s basically what’s kept me busy for the past year-and-a-half. Yes, these jobs have extracted some sort of sense of self-worth out of me (probably save for #4; who the fuck was I kidding), but I have to say that my upcoming job is my most earnest to date, and comfortingly so.

Job # 8, as of next week, is In-House Writer for a Very Big Hospital.  PR, pamphlets, what-have-you — if the Hospital needs something written, I shall be tasked to whip it up. Besides other certain perks, the Hospital Environment should be an interesting one at the very least. The Hospital is this huge, living thing, very unlike the rented office spaces and coffee shop couches of my previous employed existence, and I am sure it holds plenty of Cool Shit for my quiet (and respectful! and sterile!) amusement.

Mine is a job that entails a goodly deal of nerve and responsibility, and I am going to ace it to the very best of my abilities. Suffice it to say that I have never been this determined to take on a new occupation. Because it is my next, prudent step towards getting the apartment I do not want so much as need.

I need a life, you see. I must make things happen, you see. I must steer myself towards all things Calm and Happy, I must shed my years of such misguided ambition, I must stop plodding through days that can generate a thousand more entries as whiny and maudlin as this one, etcetera etcetera emo emo etcetera.

And I’m almost there, you see. Konting-konting-konti na lang. I’m almost there, and I’m going to make it. Just give me two more paltry months and I’ll make it.




4 responses

14 07 2009
Ces Rodriguez

rootin (tootin) for you. 🙂

14 07 2009

Thanks, Ces. 🙂

15 07 2009

huhu at number 5

15 07 2009

Wala akong sinasabing masama ang hipster! ;p

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