My FaceBook Status Updates from the Past 24 Hours

21 07 2009

Marguerite is tearing her hair out, failing to accept that FaceBook and YM are blocked from her new office’s Net connection. HOW WILL SHE LIIIIIIIIVVVVVE?!?!?!?

Marguerite works on the 18th floor of the Very Big Hospital. Her view is AWESOME. There is a fucking BIRD outside her window.

Marguerite loves the office CR. Her stall has an even better, bigger view than the one from her desk.

Marguerite pees amidst skyscrapers.

Marguerite just remembered that people are (literally) dying around her. And okay, fine, babies being born, but whatever.

Marguerite now knows what speech-making is like. She is thoroughly amused.

Marguerite feels very lonely without YM and FB. The bird outside her window was just a fluke.

Marguerite bewails the office Net connection, which is equivalent to a semi-okay dial-up.

Marguerite is convinced that this is the most respectable job she has had thus far, because the stuff she has to write actually helps people stay alive and shit like that. Suck it, SEO, suck iiiiit.

Marguerite feels productive! Hoo-hah!

Marguerite feels really stupid updating a WordPress ‘Edit Post’ page.

Marguerite swears that this is the last time she is eating sugared baked goods in lieu of meals. Her face is turning into a lard dumpling.

Marguerite wants to know where the morgue is, and whether all employees have access.

Marguerite must walk every day to the mall for exercise. Malayo-layo siya, ha.

Marguerite WILL find that morgue, even if it kills her.

Marguerite has decided that she likes her job.

Marguerite is giving up this pretend-FaceBook shit. Buti na lang may wi-fi sa Galle.




One response

31 07 2009

I like peeing amidst skyscrapers. Inggit ako.

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