Mandatory Post-First Month on New Job Blog Entry

20 08 2009

To cap off my very first month at what is becoming more and more apparently my first legitimate job, I made it through yesterday’s Very Big Event to present Very Big Hospital’s Very Important Program alive. I started my job just in time for Very Big Event’s Very Many Writing Tasks, so it really felt fitting to celebrate my 30th day of work literally running around the hospital at my boss’s every bark amidst Very Important People doing and saying Very Important Things in Very Fancy Surroundings.

One thing I especially like about Very Big Hospital is its highly sophisticated aesthetic–everything, and most especially its events–are all so fancy-schmancy, and it felt good not only to have a teensy part behind it, but to also let this teensy part get me to where I’ve been jonesing all year to go. My eyes feel Vick’s Vaporubbed from lack of sleep, my torso’s going to mutiny any minute from muscle fatigue (try running up and down a stairwell over and over literally all morning), and I am probably going to plod my way through the rest of this day until I get 12 straight hours of peace on a flat surface, but if that’s what it takes to honestly say that I worked hard to afford cabfare at rush hour, clothes that flatter my body type, smoked salmon and capers on my pizza and, soon enough, that goddamn apartment, then So Be It.




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