And the Hacking Scene was Awesome

26 08 2009

*hold breath and…GO*

I was supposed to write about Kinatay but am currently in a state unfavorable for blogging at length I had the outline in my head since last night when D and I were at a special screening so just to get it out of the way the basic structure was a) I had very low expectations of the film ‘low’ meaning I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be as mortified as those Cannes people were and that instead I would find the film dull or underwhelming b) I actually liked the film ‘like’ meaning even though the film was still not offensive to me in any way I thought it was in contrast a watchable and meaningful enough piece of cinema and c) Brillante Mendoza should not answer director’s Q&As he really comes off like a total moron and the film however haphazardly its excellence was derived judging from its auteur’s Really Stupid Answers does not deserve to be cheapened.





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