My Official Statement as Ex-Enormous Oasis Fan Re: Official Split

2 09 2009

I was a huge Oasis fan. HUGE. I had a day of the year dedicated to them (Margie’s Annual Oasis Day, April 13); my youngest brother is named Liam on my insistence and, via headphones, was subject to their discography from the womb; I would gaud myself to become emotionally invested in boys with at least two full Oasis albums to their name or could list non-singles down by memory; and the world would end for me whenever the Brothers Gallagher would announce a split, which was fairly often. I was a tubby, upper-middle-class Asian girl who was never let out on the street and I loved their proletarian Britrock to pieces.

Years later, however, I found myself not giving a shit about them anymore, to the point that this year’s Margie’s Annual Oasis Day, which would have been the 14th time I would celebrate it, had been forgotten. It was just any other day of early summer—hot and boring and useless. And when it hit me days later that I had broken my oldest and most staunch tradition, the best I could feel was a single ant-pinch of regret, and that was that. And it was just too bad; I was such a big fan. I thought I’d wear my ratty band shirt to the grave.

So I heard that Oasis has fallen apart for good. Thing is, and I’m pretty sure most everyone would agree, that the band had actually caved in on itself far, far earlier, likely when the original line-up went kaput and their music started getting…pansy-ish. And thus, I am not shocked or sad about the split in particular. They had overstayed their welcome, and I’m just a tad remorseful that I will not be as rabid a fan of any other band, because I have reached that point in my life when getting worked up over things beyond your personal affairs seems taxing and pointless. I will continue to love particular albums, of course, but that’s as far as I will go.


And R.I.P., Alexis Tioseco. It’s horrible. He was a passionate guy.




2 responses

2 09 2009

wave goodbye: oasis. thanks for the swagger and mmrs : D but it’s about time

3 09 2009


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