8 09 2009

Oh my god, I could cry.

This is seriously one of the hardest things I’ve ever worked for thus far. Had to do major overhaul on my life just to get it, and the 5 months it took to do so was such a bout of willpower, I look back on that time with this morbid awe. 5 months’ worth of closing my eyes and taking deep breaths and telling myself only X months/weeks/days/minutes to go beeyotch, though of course there’d been countless times when I’d just go apeshit. I know I’m a year shy of my quarter-life crisis, but then I always try to get my more stressful endeavors done ahead of schedule. So there: nearly half a year-long crisis = FREEDOM. I believe that is a decent deal. I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER.




4 responses

8 09 2009

what a very nice-looking key

8 09 2009


Huy, be there this Sunday for my bday/housewarming ha. 4 pm onwards. Text-text na lang yung directions. 🙂

8 09 2009

woot, woot

8 09 2009

Homeboy, hope you get a place soon, too. 🙂 But in case you need to crash near Katips, our couch is yours (though we’ll probably need to re-upholster it first; it’s pretty shitty right now).

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