9 10 2009

Back in 2006, horror pimp Karl de Mesa and transgressive fic overlord Iwa Wilwayco sent out a call for contributions for Wasak! Stories of Pinoy Trangression and Deliverance, a trangressive fiction anthology they were building which, alas, was postponed for an eternity and three quarters.

Finally finally finally, through the sheer stubbornness shared between Karl, Iwa and yours truly, it has been resurrected in blog form as a continuous online antho. The basic concept of Pinoy Transgressive is to provide folks with fresh, transgressive fic stories for their pleasure or, for those with their own stories up their hoo-hahs, a venue to send in their works for publication. If approved, stories’ll be posted in the next batch of blog entry uploads and, thus, will always provide something new and depraved to read, yehey.

The current batch of works uploaded are:

Imports, a short story by Carljoe Javier

Panalong Regalo ng Sistema, a short story by Iwa Wilwayco

Cleanser and A New Demise, a short story and an essay, respectively, by Marguerite Alcazaren de Leon

Penitence, a short story by Jonathan Jimena Siason

Faith in Poison and Sophistichaos, a novella and an essay, respectively, by Karl de Mesa

You can email your works for consideration (English or Filipino, no length restrictions, labeled “Pinoy Transgressive Submission”) to, or

sent out a call for contributions for



4 responses

10 10 2009

paki change yung submission addy ko to work addy ko yung isa eh thanx

12 10 2009

oks 🙂

27 10 2009

karl ang dami mong shit. congrats sa atin. sana maraming magsumite. digs!

9 11 2009

Digs na digs to. Salamat sa inyo ni Karl sa pag-post ng submission. 🙂 Mabuhay ang kaWASAKan!!!!

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