Mandatory Post-Party with Workshop Co-Fellows Blog Entry Which Nobody Else Will Give A Fuck About But Us

14 10 2009


Reasons Why I Love My Dumaguete Workshop Co-Fellows:

1) They are funny.

2) They will eat anything you put in front of them.

3) They will stretch a party out to 12 straight hours and, at around 4 in the morning, will skip out to the street outside your apartment, ignoring an entire barkada of hiphop poker boys and, later on, a tranvestite fresh from a night in (it’s a good neighborhood), choreograph a dance number, rehearse it, film it on cameraphone, and put it up on FaceBook (incriminating link to follow). Special mention must be given to Ms. Carmela Tolentino who, with no narcotics and a bare minimum of sweet, duhat wine in her system, orchestrated the damn thing.




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