28 10 2009

So there was a fire at our apartment building today. It was 6:30 in the morning: D and I were dressed for work, and I was just about to partake of a nutricious and delicious bowl of oatmeal, when we suddenly heard all this hullaballoo from upstairs. Lots of screeching and bellowing and heavy objects crashing to the floor. We thought it was just some old married couple getting all pissed and married at each other, so we rushed outside because we’re so, like, usisero y’know.

But the guy hurtling down the stairs was screaming ‘fire,’ and we saw the rest of our neighbors running out of their apartments with all their stuff. I was scared, but it was more of an unnerved, weak-kneed kind of fright since we still couldn’t see anything ablaze.

D and I rushed back in to grab our prized possessions. We first scuttled around plucking out what was most crucial to us. That hypothetical question/ice breaker “If your house was on fire, what would you save?” just hung over my head the whole time, and I couldn’t believe it was being asked of me for real. I more or less grabbed what I always thought I would:

1) laptop, iPod, cellphone

2) wallet, passport, other official documents

3) my copy of Perks of Being a Wallflower

4) my signed copy of Circles of Life, Imelda Marcos’s batshit-crazy guidebook on how to live your life batshit-crazy (ibebenta ko kasi ito sa eBay pag desperado na)

We then got as much of our other stuff once the valuables were out of the way: the DVD player, the TV, clothes and shoes. This stuff ended up dumped on the sidewalk facing our building, and we spent the next hour or so with the rest of our neighbors in our little compound, all of us pacing the street with that same sullen, watdafaaakkk look.

We found out that the fire started in the apartment directly above ours. A short-circuit or something. The room was cooking bad — windows popping  to pieces, bright orange flames shooting out. We lucked out by living on the first floor since we got to evacuate fairly easily, but the downside was that, once all the firetrucks came, all the water used seeped into our apartment, ruining some of our books (D is very much in mourning as I type) and basically turning our place into a kiddie pool. Kinarma kami sa Ondoy.

We’re fine now. It’ll take about a week ’til we can move back; the electricity’s kaput and much of the upper floors need fixing. But we’re fine. And I guess we won’t be too much of a stranger to our neighbors anymore, even though we’ve only started living there 2 months ago. They’ve seen D fling a plastic bag of my underwear to the side of the road. They’ve seen me slumped by the road against a pile of books, hair still wet from the bath, weepy.

Just last night, we were sitting in bed, eating dinner with our brand-new set of pretty plates and bowls c/o Shopwise, watching E! News and formally acknowledging our happiness. I mean, I  know we still are, but hot-damn, Powers that Be, your sense of humor is WHACK.




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28 10 2009


28 10 2009

Tataas value niyan ‘pag namatay na siya.

…I mean ‘kung mamamatay.’

4 11 2009

I *adore* that book of yours. Helps me get in touch with my evil, batty side 😛 Nakabalik na kayo?

4 11 2009

On Saturday. But the unit’s been good for living in again since yesterday.

Mag-reading tayo one night. With candles. Baka lumabas mumu ni Ninoy..

8 09 2010
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