Mandatory Job Birthday Blog Entry

20 07 2010

It has been exactly one year since I started working as a copywriter for the Very Big Hospital. It’s the longest I’ve ever stuck to a job, and I am slightly, strangely proud of this fact, the same way I am proud of my ability to converse about Silence of the Lambs without having ever seen the damn movie, or to wiggle my ears at will.

The fact that I have been here this long is proof enough that the job isn’t too bad. Sure, it can be tedious, and some tasks, such as chasing down doctors and patients for last-second interviews, have been incredibly trying as I am afraid of human creatures, but I haven’t run away yet (and I have—literally—run away from at least 2 jobs). As to why, I have several reasons besides the steady trickle of cash in my ATM, the main one being that my office is, after all, a Very Big Hospital, and it is by default an interesting place to work in. I get to meet people who have been through some crazy shit, I get to learn that my body is full of crazy shit, and all that other crazy shit. It’s an experience I won’t get elsewhere, definitely. Plus, the statement “I’m a copywriter for the Very Big Hospital,” bears no shame. And I am a shameful woman.

I am tempted to make my officemates wear party hats, eat mocha cake with plastic forks, and watch a PowerPoint show of my first year’s escapades (Remember when I avoided my first company Christmas party? And the first time I cried out fuck you motherfucker after a phone call with some troll at Accounting? Good times, good times…) set to a flute rendition of “We’ve Only Just Begun.”

But I will not, because my officemates are busy surviving their own lives at the moment, and really have no time to celebrate (or maybe even truly grasp) the fact that I have not set fire to my cubicle or soliloquized on a life squandered, and I respect that. Instead, I will just study the new Regular Employee’s ID I have on the strap around my neck—an ID which is made of thick, hard plastic and is not the piece of laminated cardboard I had prior, and which has my nickname on it in big block letters to make me appear friendly and approachable to visitors—and with only the barest minimum of irony, I will decide to have earned it.




2 responses

23 07 2010

So, ano nickname mo?

(Congrats pala.)

23 07 2010

Greta Warrior Princess. (Thanks. I think.)

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