Mandatory Apartment Birthday and Life Birthday Blog Entry

8 09 2010

First off, a very happy first birdie to my apartment; despite a fire and the occasional vermin takeover, I am quite pleased with my digs and hope it continues to not fall apart. My man-slave and I have tried our best thus far to make it look less like a fallout shelter by reupholstering the couch in happy colors, papering part of one wall with posters, and lining one bookshelf with three neon buddhas, and we will continue to prettify it however we can.

Now, about my birdie. It is very, very fortunate that the start of my 25th year of life falls on a legal holiday, because it has given me license to hie off to Baguio with the man-slave for a couple of days. Baguio is my most favoritest city in the entire country because it is always trenchcoat weather over there, and I can eat all the ube jam my gut can take, and every single taxi driver is a non-malicious sweetheart. And speaking of taxis…

Last night proved to be the latest installment in the saga that is my commuting life. The taxi I was riding was hit in the rear by a van in the middle of Commonwealth. The cab actually swerved sideways, but the driver hit the brakes right before other vehicles could ram into us. The lower left-hand side of the cab was beat up pretty bad, but what was more unnerving was that the van owner, whose fault it obviously was (since we were in front and were cruising down the road straight and steady), was the one throwing a hissy fit. So there we were standing in the middle of Commonwealth at rush hour, listening to some lady squawking and squawking.

Anyway, I will take last night’s mini-mishap as a sign that, yes, it is only right that I take this little vacation of mine, because life is short and y’all know the rest. Happy birdie to me.




2 responses

10 09 2010
Ayliya Uy

Happy birthday, Marge!

11 09 2010

Maraming salamats! 😀

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