Saturday Night Live [SUPER UPDATED]

22 11 2010

Last Saturday evening, pro-RH advocates the Filipino Freethinkers and Democratic Socialist Women of the Philippines attempted to attend an anti-RH mass and lecture at the Manila Cathedral, only to be kept from entering and eventually driven away by several irate anti-RH Catholics. (Watch the video above and click on this link for further details/really mean, medieval pronouncements.)

While I wasn’t outright offended by all that anger chucked our way (this wasn’t the first time I’ve been called Satan without irony), I felt extremely unsettled hearing these ordinary-looking men and women resort to such an archaic, almost comic, manner of showing their disapproval of us. I was, to a point, frightened by their behavior. That was the closest I’ve come thus far to a fundamentalist going apeshit, and it was more aggravating than I’d expected. It must be noted that we didn’t talk back and, on the contrary, tried to calm them down.

One of the many undocumented highlights of that night was when the policeman who ushered us away admitted that his wife was on the Pill. You go, Mamang Pulis! 🙂 Also, here’s a link to a scanned copy of the ridiculous brochures the anti-RH folk were handing out on the church steps.

SUPER UPDATE: Here’s a video containing even more, unseen highlights from that night, including the bits where the anti-RH folk were at their most intolerant/batshit crazy, as well as a corresponding statement from the Freethinkers dispelling all the whitewash Pro-Life Philippines and the CBCP have been spreading around since.

Watch the video through to the end, and you’ll see us being heckled by the fundamentalists in a myriad ways, including telling us to tell our mothers to abort us.

You sure know your irony, fundie dudes and dudettes. Let’s totally chill at Cubao X.




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22 11 2010

well, i suppose they couldn’t come up with something along the lines of “DAMASO!” so they had to settle for threats of hell and eternal damnation instead. i always found it unnerving that religious types are the most judgmental of people, despite the teachings they supposedly ascribe to.

22 11 2010

btw, why were you attending an anti-RH lecture?

22 11 2010

We were there to show our support for the RH Bill, and to hear what the other side had to say about reproductive health. We witnessed a lot of lying from their end that night. Here’s a link to a scanned copy of the ridiculous brochures they were handing out on the church steps:

26 11 2010

Even in the Bible, you’ll notice that Jesus’ harshest words were for the most religious of the lot – the Pharisees and religious leaders.

What I don’t like is how the Catholic Church is trying to impose it’s doctrine on the rest of us (who know how to be responsible). The RH bill in no way disallows Catholics from practicing natural family methods, but they aren’t content with that and have to stick their fingers into other people’s business. It’s irritating, to say the least.

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